Profile and Approach

Profile Fridtjof Helemann

With 30+ years of business and life experience, maybe I`ve been where you are. However - together we can co-create the transformation and growth you are aiming for. As Leader and as Character. So, you achieve more with less.

Experience & Qualification

  • CEO, EVP, Managing Partner & President, CHRO and Partner Consultant of Mercer, Lonza AG, Oxford Leadership, Henke KgaA and KornFerry/Hay.
  • Executive Coach certified at the Co-Active Training Institute in San Rafael, California
  • 30+ years of experience as Executive Leader/Coach.
  • Born and grown up in Brazil, educated in Germany, UK and US and working cross the globe
  • Motto: connect to your true self and getup for your intentions – to grow and impact for good.

Executive Leaders have proven their talent and capabilities – that’s why they got where they are. Further up-grade requires a different approach. One that stimulates self-discovery and curiosity to change. And passion and support to make growth happen.
As anyone having knowledge of human nature is good. But those possessing self-knowledge are enlightened.

Coaching for Growth

1. Defining the agenda

Deep dive on your critical challenges, your business and personal environments and key stake holders. Result: mapped objectives and scope.

2. Facts & Insights

In-depth interviews with key stake holders, team members and direct reports. Joint self-discovery complemented by assessment tools,360 survey and lifeline review. Result: facts & insights discovered/revealed and specified.

3. Growth Strategy & Plan

1-1,5 day session shaping your growth purpose, principles and vision moving forward. This includes identification of personal barriers, crucial conversations with stake holders and supporting vital behaviours. Result: strategic focus plan and goals specified.

4. Making it happen

Iterative sessions by video call, phone or in person partnering on progress, obstacles, discoveries and achievements. Continued learning including feed-back of stake holders, peers and directs. Result: focus on transformation and observable change.