“My Coach and Mentor Fridtjof has helped me significantly in my development process to become a stronger leader. He made me understand the interdependencies of elements of my personal life and their impact on my professional performance. Fridtjof always has the best intention at heart, shows a genuine interest for deep understanding and actionable growth. His empathetic style, paired with his structured, rigid and demanding approach made him the ideal supporter on my journey of personal growth and performance transformation. I would thoroughly recommend him.”

“Fridtjof has been an excellent Coach and Mentor for me. He has helped me significantly to set the right priorities and to find a lasting balance between business and private life. He works with a very structured and efficient approach which guides you in a self-reflected and target-oriented direction”

“I have to say that you stood apart in a number of ways. It was very impressive how effective you were tearing down walls in a well-done leadership team intervention.
In creating this intimate atmosphere, you allowed all of us to get the most out of it”

“When facing the challenge to build a high-performance team out of several highly capable and divers’ rebels with literally no time, Fridtjof´s outstanding coaching was the ultimate key to success. Without his support in bringing the right talent into the right place, building on their strong muscles and creating a team spirit of commitment, challenge and mutual trust, we could have not delivered against, what appeared to be in the beginning, an impossible task.”

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